Tax Update Webinars

TaxTonic Webinars

Carl Brandt and Julie Segedin are offering  a focused series of 8 practical, purposeful and engaging 90 minute webinars delving deep into nitty gritty taxation issues.

The June 2020 webinar will include:

  1. Interest on credit shareholder accounts:  RWT mismatch and timing issues, the law vs. IRDs system

  2. GST changes coming for treatment of: Adjustments, CZR mistakes, cryptocurrency, international conferences etc

  3. GST and portable cabin businesses: can they be exempt residential or taxable?

  4. Overseas rental properties – checklist of tax issues

  5. Bright-line and main home: trust home with flatmates, how does main home exemption work?

  6. Forgiveness of Debt: what creates taxable income and what doesn’t?

  7. GST clauses in S&P Agreements: new 10th Edition ADLS agreement


You can register for these webinars by clicking on the link below :

Note : This Tax Tonic series replaces the Tax Update webinars previously administered by Polson Higgs training. Carl and Julie will not be presenting in the Polson Higgs series in 2020.



Webinar Dates for 2020

Planned dates for our 2020 TaxTonic Series are as follows :

14 February
20 March
1 May
12 June
24 July
4 September
16 October
4 December

Webinars are a minimum of 1.5 hrs long.



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