Tax Update Webinars

2021 TaxTonic Webinars

Carl Brandt together with Julie Segedin are offering  a focused series of 8 practical, purposeful and engaging 90 minute webinars delving deep into nitty gritty taxation issues.

The May 2021 webinar will include:

  • New Rules: Allocation of Sale Price

  • Trusts – complying trusts which have become foreign, dual trusts - what are the tax issues

  • Bright-line – 50:50 owners – one sells to the other restart of bright-line for half or whole 

  • Team building expenses – entertainment vs FBT?  What else?  

  • LTC issues for Entering, Exiting and changing Shareholding 

  • Buying the Jetski or E-Bike through the company – FBT issues?

  • Bright-line / Interest deductions - Main home with flatmates

  • Inter-company loan remains after sale of business – what to do?

  • Any other interesting issues between now and then

‚ÄčYou can register for these webinars by clicking on the link below :



Webinar Dates for 2021

Planned dates for our 2021 TaxTonic Series are as follows :

12 February
26 March
7 May
18 June
30 July
10 September
22 October
3 December

Webinars are a minimum of 1.5 hrs long.



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