Tax Update Webinars

 April 2019 Webinar

April's Tax Update webinar will be presented by Carl Brandt  together with Julie Segedin and will be held on Friday 12 April from 10am until 11.30 am. 

Part 1 : Key Topics

  • Transparency of LTC's and LP's                                                 

    •  How far does transparency go?
    •  When transparency causes unforeseen tax issues
    •  Land and Bright-Line - new problems to deal with
  • Trade Reward / Loyalty Points

    • Don't be the low hanging fruit 

Part 2 : From Across Our Desks

  • Portable buildings and depreciation - how far does this go?

  • Airbnb - bright-line and residential loss ring-fencing

  • CFDs (Contract For Difference) - what they are and their tax treatment

  • Shareholder Employee  Director's Fees - home and abroad

  • Employee Share Scheme and provision tax safe harbour?

  • GST - sale of property after earlier failure to do change of use

Part 3 : IRD Audit Trends and Issues

  • Leaky building updates

  • GST and Horse Syndicate

  • LTC overdrawn current account - IRD still say FBT

  • Unacceptable tax position continued ....

  • And any other issues which come up between now and then




Polson Higgs , professional training providers,administer the Tax Update Webinars on our behalf. Invitations to our tax updates will come into your mailbox under the Polson Higgs Training banner. Discounts apply for our associates, so make sure you choose the discounted option when registering.

If you would like to know more about registering for our Tax Update Webinars, contact Maggie Burgess at


Webinar Dates for 2019

Planned dates for our 2019 Tax Update Series are as follows:

February 15th
March 15th
April 12th
May 17th
June 14th
July 19th
August 16th
September 13th
October 18th
November 22nd

Webinars are a minimum of 1.5 hrs long.

Note : Carl Brandt co-presents the webinars in grey above with Polson Higgs presenting every alternate month. This allows us to offer relevant and up to date tax training every month for you and your staff.


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