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Carl Brandt is one of New Zealand’s leading taxation specialists. 

Providing effective and accurate tax advice to clients throughout New Zealand, Carl’s clients are predominantly accounting firms, along with law firms and independent clients.

With more than 35 years of tax experience there are very few areas of taxation which he does not advise on.  Trusted, efficient, reliable and armed with strong technical and analytical skills Carl is known for demystifying complex areas of tax law and find effective solutions for a very wide range of people and organisations.

Our Approach

At Carl Brandt Taxation Specialists, there is no such a thing as a ‘dumb question’ in tax. We welcome the opportunity to provide quick confirmation that the correct tax procedure is being followed along with more in-depth advice on complex tax structures and arrangements.

Carl Brandt’s extensive experience in taxation equips him to:

  • Provide clients with a highly personal service where they always deal directly with him.
  • Deliver the highest quality tax advice promptly and efficiently at competitive rates.
  • Excel at finding practical, effective solutions to problematic taxation issues.

The Benefits

Firms benefit from Carl's knowledge and advice because it is immediate, clear and easily understood. Most importantly it is targeted to the particular situation as opposed to a ‘copy and paste’ of tax commentary. Vitally, Carl always looks for alternative solutions which may not be obvious at first glance.

Accounting firms appreciate the cost effectiveness of Carl's service. This means their teams have no restriction placed on them for the number of queries they can run past Carl, which has meant considerably less time spent by them researching complicated taxation issues clients may strike.  

A number of accounting firms rely on Carl as an extension of their practice. With this relationship they have all the access to specialist tax resources of a large firm, but with the ability to obtain independent opinions where required. 

Flexible in his approach, Carl prides himself on delivering proactive advice in a way which best suits his client – be it by a phone call, Skype, email or meeting together.  

Other situations require a more formal opinion and in these cases a written report is developed.


Inland Revenue:  1979 to 2002 - Carl initially worked across all facets of tax specialising in technical advisory within the department and to accounting firms in the Waikato.

Beattie Rickman / Price Waterhouse Coopers:  2002 to 2008 - Carl continued to offer specialist tax advisory services to accounting and legal firms across the country.

Brandt Segedin LP:  2008 to 2018 - Became a partner in his own tax consultancy business and developed a large client base throughout New Zealand.

Carl Brandt Taxation Specialist: 2018 - onwards.

Qualifications and Professional Associations 

Member of ATAINZ (Accountants & Tax Agents Institute of NZ)

Associations with - 
James Coleman Tax Barrister - (Diamond Tax Residency Case)
Mr Diamond was Carl's client from the initial IRD investigation through to the court cases spanning seven years, culminarting in a sucessful court decision and tax precedent.

Ping Sng Consulting  - Company Law Specialist

Polson Higgs Business Advisors - Delivery of Tax Training Webinars

Carl Brandt Taxation Consultant
We demystify the complex areas of tax law and find effective solutions for our clients.

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Our 8 TaxTonic webinars are designed to keep you up to date with recent tax changes and give you practical advice on tax issues.
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