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Flexible, proactive and approachable, Carl’s expertise and knowledge of taxation is highly sought across the country from a myriad of people in the accounting and legal fields.

Talk to Carl Brandt Taxation Specialists about how we can partner with you to deliver the very best tax advice for your business, family trust, charitable organisation and high wealth clients.

"My firm regularly engages the services of Carl Brandt as a consultant on the more complex tax issues we address with our clients. We have found Carl to be extremely practical in the way he thoroughly critiques the issues, but also can provide alternative options that could result in the desired outcome for our clients. His commercial approach gives us and our client’s further peace of mind when dealing with the minefield of tax legislation and case law."

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It’s Simple!

At Carl Brandt Taxation, we pride ourselves on keeping it simple. For all types of queries, it is as easy as contacting Carl direct by phone or email, as you prefer. This reduces unnecessary paperwork and fees.

Your Clients are your Clients

Carl’s focus is on providing taxation specialist services and not financial accounts or tax return preparation. You can be assured that your clients remain your clients.

Solid Credentials

With more than 35 years of NZ based tax experience there are very few areas of taxation Carl Brandt does not provide advice on. You can have confidence in his depth of knowledge and professional advice.

Practical Solutions

Trusted, efficient and reliable, Carl excels at finding practical solutions to problematic taxation issues that really work for your clients.

Direct Contact

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a highly personal service. For all professional queries you will communicate directly with Carl.


Carl provides the highest quality tax advice promptly and efficiently at competitive rates. We only charge for time spent giving tax advice. There are no hidden costs or minimum charges.

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Your Taxation Consultant